"Cute Baby Goats Compilation" || CFS

"Cute Baby Goats Compilation" || CFS

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"Cute Baby Goats Compilation" || CFS Look at em! They just bounce around doing nothing all day! I WANT THIS LIFE!
Reminds me of HIM...
I had three goats once, they were very friendly and a lot of fun! What I always loved was how much they love to play “Push”. ;)

You’d gently placd your hand flat against their forehead and give a gentle push, and immediately they’re pushing back of course; the stronger you push, the more they counter. They love to do that, it’s part of how they play. ;) It’s amazing how strong they are!

Oh, and of course it’s also how they show they love you. They’ll walk up to you, then tilt their head and just starts gently pushing sideways against you wanting to be petted. So cute! :)
Where do you get such adorable goats💖🐐
Nice tendency to climb upon bigger species
nice video
over 3 millions goats are eaten dayily around the world
Lindos felizes.
But don't kill innocent animals
I watch this video everytime I come across something terrible that scars me for life. This video helps me get the disgusting images out of my head.
when I first got my fat bois (Nigerian dwarf goat brothers) one jumped on to my horse Tallulahs back, and she looks at him, and was like "ride? ok" and he jumped off her back kncking his little brother { who has a perminant leg injury} and then getting into a fight, cutest thing ever
1:20 ah it's the babies again.. I guess the human likes them.. I dont mind them ..Im just hungry..
Large animal: only needs to exist

Goats: It’s a free playground
The bull is too cool to care about baby goats jumping on his back 😎
<3 Goats just wanna have fu---un :notes:
Fun fact: baby goats are called "kids"
Goat= kozioł - god - bóg żydowski
São uma fofura