Fainting Goats vs Exercise Ball

Fainting Goats vs Exercise Ball

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Fainting Goats vs Exercise Ball your goats are internet famous! http://imgur.com/gallery/UuhgNqN
So,beautiful 😎😍😋
This, this is why I’m subscribed
hey, just to be fair, a rooster scared me half to death the first time I went to collect fresh eggs, I wonder, how many remember those days? 😉
you MURDERER!....oh, wait
The fainting goats fainted? Wow, didn't see that coming. lol
fucking hilarious
Does it hurt the goats when they faint? I've tried looking it up and nothing came up
Let's deliberately torment an innocent creature afflicted with a genetic disorder so we can make a "funny" video. And I'm not some kind of PETA freak, I just think this is mean-spirited
you know how when you try to tap a key on your keyboard so fast that you just start holding it down? i think that's basically what happens to their legs. they're trying to run away so fast that they end up not even moving them.
Thanks for sharing....this made me laugh out loud 😂😂😂
Bowling for goats. ROFL
This is sooooooooooooo funny. Wish I could have this as my screensaver!
What a freak reaction ?? 😮

That means if you are a wolf 🐺 just scream beside goats🐐 or get them scared and . Bingooo ......... >> Without even cheasing them
you'll many 🍔 burgers for free
Neymar is a goat !
Looks like The Brazil mens soccer team.
When you see your ex after like a year
If you had 10 of them, it would look like bowling!
Nailed that 7-10 split.