Goat Kid Pajama Party

Goat Kid Pajama Party

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I’m coming for your soul.
This keeps my sanity stable
I just hope that whoever video'd this to get views, that they had mercy on those little kids and let them out of those pj's!! Baby goats are adorable as is and they deserve to be free of clothes so they can jump better. Please.
Everyone: Baby goats can't be cuter.

Sunflower Farm: We have the technology.
soo cute! ... love seeing babies/critters in jammies!
They are way too cute.
By now their adults.
tooo cuteee😂😭😭😭😭
01:49 "Nope. Just no. Thanks but...Nope." -- the cat.
Really so Cutes goats baby's! Am always forget my relax mains, am so happy. God bless all. Thanks 🙏
That is adorable!!!
There sooo cuuuute
I would love to join in my pyjamas 😃😃😃💝💝💝
...You do realize they're going to take a dump in those pajamas, right?
So,beautiful very sweet,just priceless, they take,my breath away,I love them all,great,video 🤩😍😘
I absolutely love the pj's and those babies.....I just want them all....great job.
They need some Pointer Sisters music, neutron dance! Big Cat, really cute, cute!
Me encantan.