N-Vision Halo LR Thermal Hunting | 80 Hogs and 4 Coyotes Down

N-Vision Halo LR Thermal Hunting | 80 Hogs and 4 Coyotes Down

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N-Vision Halo LR Thermal Hunting | 80 Hogs and 4 Coyotes Down poor animals have mercy on them.
حرام ياخي. كذا
Have you guys accidentally hit a cow before?
So badass..!
Nuke 'em!!!!
Thank you for putting these predator facts below your videos! Maybe at the bottom of videos would be better. I only found them scrolling down to comment.It's a shame I still see game wardens, park rangers disputing the truth about Coyote predation claiming they have slight impacts on larger game and livestock. I love getting in to conversations with the uninformed about my hunting them. Have changed many opinions or at least had them more inclined to accept a need for it. Great videos.
The world needs more bacon.
wow I have big RAT in my school🐀👵 every day she said Good Morning Little finger :( please can you Hunter her by your Sniper? trust me all boys and girls🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️ gonna says God Bless you👏🙌🙏 she bad teacher in the world
Damn good shootin boys.
bloodshed every time.

We must cleanse, purify our lands and our crops. No mercy for the rabble
Thanks for all
Can I meet you guys
Missed you all. Glad you're back! Those thermal images are phenomenal. Great investment 👍
Malditos locos esta bien matar uno a dos pero esto ya es abuso deverian de regular la cacería
ya gadda get them gaddam ShovelHeads gaddamit.
So why dont you use rapid fire ? is it prohibited ??
I still want to try a night hunt, it looks awesome. Need details on equipment and places.
muy lindo el. Video
megusto muncho
eso k asen de matar
lis coyotes. muyvien
Los almiro amigos
acomer munchas car
Nitas k sela pasen
Vinito con su familia
mencanta la caseria
sigan suviendo video
Hello from Russia!!! Very good!!!
Marvellous, wonderfull.
Great job
The show must go on