Top 10 fainting goats (funny fainting goats)

Top 10 fainting goats (funny fainting goats)

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Top 10 fainting goats (funny fainting goats) I didn’t realize there was commentary. I’m so used to having sound OFF....Ithought everyone was nuts. Lol
I'm not an animal rights activist by any means but this is bullshit. I don't agree with people intentionally try to freak these goats out just for their own amusement.
Breeding these goats should be outlawed. How pathetic that adults find this amusing. To you morons who think this is funny, I'd love a chance to laugh at you when you collapse during a syncopal episode, smash up your face, break a bone and wet your pants. Bloody hilarious.
Narration ruins video!
That girl with the umbrella was just rude they had no purpose in doing this to them

Edit: I’ve seen the clip before with sound and her parents said good job for doing it
1:55 you went oof
Poor animals are under a lot of fear and stress.
animal cruelty
i will kill you
Nah not really hungry just had me dinner,,, mmmmm goats
1:03 I cannot stop watching this
XD I can’t stop laughing 😆
I want to get all the lamb that fainted CUZ THEY ARE SO CUTE
These goat ARE NOT FAINTING. They have a neurological condition similar in presentation to narcolepsy, except without the sudden onset of sleep. I am a registered sleep technologist in the United States, and I've studied humans with similar symptoms (cataplexy) in the sleep lab. Fainting involves a loss of consciousness. These goats lose control of skeletal muscles when frightened or excited, no syncope ( fainting ) involved at all. You don't have to believe me, Look it up !
Reminds me of those easily scared tractors from Cars that would just tip over but this wasn't funny.
I am hungry
Not at all funny. This is a neuromuscular disorder that makes the goat's muscles stiffen when startled, causing the goat to fall. People say it doesn't hurt them, but what if they fall off something, or onto something and injure themselves? At the least, the falls cause them soreness and bruising. They don't want to freeze and fall--it's as scary an experience for them as it would be for you to suddenly have your muscles seize up and fall to the ground. And how about having people yelling, chasing, screaming and otherwise startling you incessantly so you will deliberately seize up and fall? People are so thoughtless and cruel. Having worked as an animal rights activist, I've seen all kinds of depravity visited on animals by my fellow so-called humans. I still have hope that one day it'll change. But this right here doesn't move humanity in the right direction imo.