Top 10 fainting goats (funny fainting goats)

Top 10 fainting goats (funny fainting goats)

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Top 10 fainting goats (funny fainting goats) It’s funny-er if there is No Commenting on each video clip .
Why do they do that?
Yall know what goat taste like? my mom says it tastes like shark juice.
Ugh dude, seriously just play the clips shot by shot.
Commentary.. made it worst
i reckon it was sad
How to spook the goat out of Count Lucio (The Arcana)
I knew there would be tons of comments on here about how cruel and not funny this is. Its people like you who have created this pussy ass PC culture where u cant do or say anything that will upset someone. The problem is, u lil bitches get offended from EVERYTHING! Know this, nobody gives a flying fuck if it hurts ur precious lil feelings so please for once in ur miserable lives just shut the fuck up. How any of u survive in the real world is beyond me. If this shit aint funny to u then i truly feel sorry that you live such an unhappy life. My God, its a fucking goat... oh wait, i know i know... the goat has feelings. So shame on us. Whats really hilarious is that i would put money on it that most of u are pro choice. So making a goat faint is absolutely crossing the line. But killing unborn babies... welllllll thats ok. Please do everyone a favor and just SHUT THE FUCK UP! Nobody cares about how this makes u feel. Btw. Stop being such pussies!!
That stupid bitch at 2:45 needs a slap..
why would one want to scare an animal on purpose? reminds me of what humans do to people different from them.
I’m hungry 😋
I didn’t realize there was commentary. I’m so used to having sound OFF....Ithought everyone was nuts. Lol
I'm not an animal rights activist by any means but this is bullshit. I don't agree with people intentionally try to freak these goats out just for their own amusement.
Breeding these goats should be outlawed. How pathetic that adults find this amusing. To you morons who think this is funny, I'd love a chance to laugh at you when you collapse during a syncopal episode, smash up your face, break a bone and wet your pants. Bloody hilarious.
Narration ruins video!
That girl with the umbrella was just rude they had no purpose in doing this to them

Edit: I’ve seen the clip before with sound and her parents said good job for doing it
1:55 you went oof
Poor animals are under a lot of fear and stress.
animal cruelty